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Crisis Fuel & Utility

Crisis Fuel and Utility Assistance helps people stay warm and keep the power on. Fuel and utility costs are a major struggle for many households. Three major programs, SEASONAL FUEL,CRISIS FUEL and SHAREHEAT, help with deliveries of fuel or to avoid power disconnection.

Staff conduct outreach and help people apply for Vermont's SEASONAL FUEL program, which helps to pay for all types of heating fuels. The application process changed in 2010, so please visit www.mybenefits.vt.gov to sign up online. We can help those without access to a computer complete a paper application.  People who have heat included in their rent can also apply.  Benefit amounts are determined using a number of factors, including income, resources and fuel type.  This program is administered by the Office of Home Heating Fuel Assistance; benefits being paid directly to fuel suppliers or to renters with heat included.

The CRISIS FUEL program uses federal funds granted through the State of Vermont. BROC, and the other four Community Action Agencies in Vermont administer this program under contract with Vermont's Office of Home Heating Fuel Assistance. This program begins on the last Monday in November each year. Eligibility for assistance considers all income in the household and resources and requires receipts for expenses paid in the last 30 days. Applicants are asked to come in before they run out of fuel, so please make an appointment at 1/4 of a tank to ensure the best service and avoid special trip charges.  The program is usually available through the end of April each year.

All households are helped with establishing budgets for payment of fuel and utility costs and are provided information on energy conservation, including referral to our Energy Conservation and Weatherization program.

Rutland Office (Administrative):
60 Center Street • Rutland, VT 05701 • 802.775.0878 • 800.717.BROC (2762)
Bennington Office: 332 Orchard Road • Bennington, VT 05201 • 802.447.7515