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Circles of Support and Accountability


COSA is a group of 3-5 trained volunteers who support an individual (Core Member) coming out of incarceration and re-entering into a community. The objective of COSA is to repair the relationships between the core member and the community by facilitating restorative activities. These activities include: Promoting community and victim safety Enhancing the coordination of services and community connections Cultivating healthy and positive behaviors in order to encourage and prepare for a successful future

Reparative Restorative Justice Panel (RRJP) Program

The RRJP Program mainly focuses on offenders who have committed non-violent misdemeanor offenses. 

This program includes victim and/or community participation in the justice process.

The RRJP Program seeks to provide services that intend to restore the community through intervention.

Restorative Circles

A Restorative Circle is a process between community volunteers and the RC participant. The objective of this process is to build community through establishing relationships and developing support networks. The volunteers act as a sounding board for ideas, thoughts, and actions of the RC Participant. RC participants will identify their needs and values and work collaboratively to accomplish their goals. The Circle Team, through listening and redirecting helps the RC participant to see the possible outcomes of their actions and how those may divert from their overall goals.

Victim Services

The Victim Liaison is dedicated to exclusively support victims and accept referrals from targeted community partners to provide services. The Victim Liaison employs restorative justice methodologies, such as victim-led advocacy and empowerment, to help identify and support the expressed needs of those harmed by crime. The Victim Liaison provides victims/harmed parties with opportunities to tell their story and be heard, as well as offers assistance to help them to move forward in the most positive way as possible.

Supervised Visitation Exchange Room

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Supervised Visitation & Exchange

Our Supervised Visitation and Monitored Exchange program offers our Full Circle Family Room as a comfortable and safe environment where non-custodial parties can have their visitations.

Supervised Visitation Exchange Table

Full Circle Family Room

Offering a safe space to visit or exchange custody while ensuring your confidentiality.

We are sensitive to safety and confidentiality. We offer a clean, comfortable, safe place to enjoy visitations.If you are interested in learning more, please reach out [email protected].

Supervised Visitation Exchange

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Reentry Navigation

Reentry Navigation is a process to help offenders coming out of incarceration to navigate resources, obtain referrals and work on a variety of skills with the ultimate goal of enhancing community relations and avoiding re-offense. The focus of Reentry Navigation is the connect and refer returning offenders to community resources and agencies that provide a wide range of services. Through Reentry Navigation, clients accomplish many of their goals to help them transition back into the community and be successful.

Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation is a visit between a child and the non-custodial party in a neutral setting where an objective third party — that’s us — can observe to make sure that everyone’s safe. It’s sometimes used when there are concerns about substance abuse and/or the safety of the child, the custodial party, and/or the non-custodial party.

Our comfortable visitation room is stocked with games and toys appropriate for every age. Our staff and volunteers are always in the room during visits to make sure that children have what they need. And our services are available to individuals referred by the court or an agency or anyone concerned about safety.

Monitored Exchange

Monitored exchange allows children to travel back and forth between the custodial and non-custodial parties without the custodial and non-custodial parties ever seeing each other. We make sure that the children safely make it to where they’re supposed to go.

Children are happier and healthier when they know that they’re our top priority, so we’re helping them build the relationships they need to be strong and happy. Our services are available to individuals referred by the court or an agency or anyone concerned about safety.

Meet The Team

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Program Director

Supervised Visitation Exchange Heather Stevenson

Heather Stevenson

Reentry & Reparative Program Specialist

Abigail Ponto

Victim Liaison

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Supervised Visitation Program Specialist


The Rutland County Community Justice Center can be engaged by both mandated referral and self-referral. For additional information please reach out.

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