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Have an idea or hobby you can make some money with?

Micro Business Development

Our focus is on preparing people for employment and improving one’s ability to become self-sustainable.  Our motto is “Your Success is Our Success” and we are dedicated to supporting our clients through training and education to achieve their chosen goals.  

Meet with a coach to build money management skills while working towards a greener Vermont.

Through one on one coaching and community workshops, our team of qualified Financial and Energy Coaches provides tools to help you manage your money, cut costs and connect you with programs and resources to save energy.

Want help understanding your finances or with budgeting?

Financial Education

Do you need help with credit or understanding your spending habits?  Our BROCSHOP’s are an opportunity to learn all about this through BROC’s Economic & Workforce Development Program.

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Dream Team

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“This is a difficult time for so many businesses and organizations like yours who create opportunities, especially for small businesses to sustain ourselves, is truly helpful and important. We found your process and the communication with your team very clear and efficient. Thank you so much for your assistance!”

Local Small Business Owner,

MBDP Client

“Thank you so much. I hope to give back to the community exponentially more than what you have given to me, and this support from you gives me the drive to do so.”

Local Small Business Owner,

MBDP Client

“Thank you so much. I cannot express my gratitude for programs like this.”

Local Small Business Owner,

MBDP Client

“The ability of caring organizations and legislative bodies to provide help to businesses weathering this current situation shows a strong commitment to the health of our communities and neighbors. Thank you!”

Local Small Business Owner,

MBDP Client

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