Employment & Training

Transitional Training Program

The focus is to prepare the individuals placed in the program for employment.  Along with soft skills training, reporting to work on time, appropriate work attire, communication, and acceptable and unacceptable behavioral workplace education.  Participants have the opportunity to enroll in the following industry tracks:

  • Receptionist/Front Desk
  • Housekeeping
  • Hotel Front Desk
  • Maintenance
  • Administrative
  • Supervision
  • Food Safety

For information about either program please contact Donalee Kirk at 802-665-1725 or dkirk@broc.org.

Participant Testimonial:

"I had the opportunity to work with such amazing women in the Economic & Workforce Development Program.  These women exude professionalism, integrity, strength, wisdom and guidance through non-judgement and support.  These characteristics I strive to ascertain in my personal and professional life.  Each of these women I emulate, making this work experience an extraordinary one.

As this fantastic opportunity is coming to a close, I am filled with mixed emotions.  The entire organization has treated me with a welcoming and accepting kindness and respect.  I am overjoyed with the confidence I gained, skillsets acquired, professionalism and sense of purpose I am parting with.  The trust and confidence my supervisor exhibited towards me, enabled me to grow personally and professionally.  I am saddened to close the door on this chapter, excited by what I have gained and feeling prepared for the next chapter, with a toolbox full to tools."

T.M., Rutland

"This has been one of the most positive and rewarding experiences that I have had. The staff not only assisted me in the development of my skills, but presented a nurturing and extremely positive atmosphere. Those who worked directly with me, mentored and offered patience as well as understanding and motivation. This has made an very positive impact on my life and the direction I am taking."

— Rodney - Vermont Associate participant

Employment Success

Employment Success is a culturally based 'soft-skills' training that focuses on one's culture as a reason for the choices we make.  It takes the participant on an introspective journey back to their childhood to identify their family structure, the economic climate, existing technology, and more in the time they were raised.  The information garnered on their 'trip down memory lane' is then evaluated to gain a knowledge and understanding of the belief system that was formed because of the culture in which they were raised.  Further evaluation and reflection leads to an understanding of why they make the choices they make and to what detriment to living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

The curriculum includes:

  • Socialization skills
  • Body language
  • Anger/time management
  • Job preparedness
  • Appropriate hygiene and dress
  • Keeping a job
  • Understanding your benefits
  • Acceptable/unacceptable workplace behaviors
  • Resume and interviewing practice
  • Confidence building and more!


  • Food & Nutrition

  • Fuel & Utility Assistance

  • Housing & Homeless

  • Weatherization Assistance

  • Community Justice Center

  • Hoarding Assistance