Weatherization Assistance

More About Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency measures include sealing drafts and air leaks, improving the heating system efficiency by cleaning, tuning and performing minor repairs or replacing the heating system if necessary; installing insulation where there isn't any or where inadequate amounts exist (added ventilation and minor structural repairs are part of this activity); and improving, where possible, indoor air quality to reduce moisture problems.

Who qualifies for weatherization assistance?
Energy conservation and weatherization assistance is available at no cost to Vermont residents who meet income eligibilty guidelines (regardless of whether you own or rent your home, apartment or mobile home). However, if you rent, you must obtain permission from your landlord for the work to be done.

Here's what people are saying about the weatherization program and staff:
"One would have had to live in a house with no insulation for the last 29 years to appreciate the dramatic improvement in the level of comfort the insulation has afforded me. I am a senior citizen vulnerable to hypothermia during the winter months. Thank you so very, very much for all that BROC has done for me."

"I believe my home will be warmer this winter and I will have a lower heating bill. The crew did top notch work and they were very nice to talk to."

"I am very pleased that my home now stays warmer longer when it's cold outside - and it stays cooler in summer. The crew was very polite and worked with great efficiency. They knew what they were doing and completed the job speedily."

Energy Conservation/Weatherization Links

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Weatherization Income Eligibility

BROC Community Action Application Link
(for both Rutland and Bennington county residents)

"Just want all of you who came to my home and made things nicer for me to know that it is very much appreciated.  You need to know how much easier both energy and comfort-wise it has been for me in my "eighties" to be able to stay alone in my own home for as long as possible."

— M.M, Killington client

Weatherization Works

One client's home was a large farmhouse that needed BROC's energy conservation and Weatherization services.

The attic and walls were sparsely insulated with blown-in fiberglass; the basement has a dirt floor and leaky foundation nad the heating system consists of two Miller mobile home type furnaces. The main problem for the family was high fuel usage and poorly distributed heat. The farmhouse used 25 cords of wood a year and about 400 gallons of fuel oil. Our Weatherization audit revealed a cracked heat exchanger on both of the furnaces, poorly installed wall insulation and a large amount of air leakage throughout the house.

BROC's Weatherization team went to work! They installed a new heating system to the existing ductwork in the basement as well as adding some new ductwork to properly balance and distribute the system. They insulated the walls with dense packed cellulose. They insulated the foundation with 2" foam board insulation. They insulated the attic with cellulose. They were also able to reduce the heat load of the house by closing off and insulating the floor and walls of a large unused section of the second floor living area, as well as perform extensive air sealing using the blower door equipment.

As a result of the energy conservation measures taken, the farmhouse achieved a 45% reduction in air leakage and a reduction in the space heat scorecard of 13.8 down from 30.2. This will effectively produce a heating cost savings for this family.

When the owner was told of BROC's plans to install a central heating system, he said: "Here we go again, this is the fourth system we have put in and none of them have kept this house warm." After the installation of the new heating system and the completion of the Weatherization work, the homeowner commented: "We are amazed of the work that was done here. The heating system is working, the house is no longer cold and drafty and my wife and family can take showers without freezing. Thank you."

The success of this project is a great example of what the whole Weatherization program is all about. From the Weatherization staff to the sub-contracors who installed the heating system, this was a huge success for everyone involved.


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