Micro Business Development


Are you thinking about starting or expanding a small business? We are here to help!

Business Planning

Step by step business plan development.

Financial Forecasting

Not sure where to spend your money on your business? Not sure how profitable you might be? Let us help you figure out what a realistic roadmap looks like for your business idea.

Individualized Counseling

Each type of business has their own identity, much like the entrepreneurs behind the business. We are happy to meet and discuss what will help make you successful.

Step 1. Panning & Strategy

Set up an appointment to discuss your business idea or the expansion of your current business.

Step 2. Design

Let us help you design or redefine your business model. We are here to help you navigate all that is involved in starting a new business venture.

Step 3. Release & Promotion

We will be here long after you have opened to ensure you will be as successful as possible. We can help with a virtual presence, marketing and anything else we can.

Meet your Business Counselors

Whether you are in Rutland or Bennington County, we have Business Counselors to help you reach your goals for your Micro Business.

Benton Winrich
Benton Winrich

My name is Benton Winrich and I am a business counselor in the Micro Business Development Program (MBDP) serving Rutland County since 2020.

I have helped administer the EMBRACE Grant for Covid relief as well as assisted numerous business owners in developing business plans and launching businesses.

I have a BA in Economics from Castleton University and have held positions in multiple Vermont industries. In my free time I enjoy cooking, skiing, and hiking Vermont’s tallest peaks.”


[email protected]

802-665- 1744

Adam Annunziata

My name is Adam Annunziata and I am a business counselor in the Micro Business Development Program (MBDP) that serves Bennington County. I started my MBDP journey in 2020, helping administer the first rounds of the EMBRACE Grant for Covid relief.

Since then, I have helped many folks write business plans, create cash flow statements and start fantastic micro-businesses!

Prior to MBDP, in another life, I was a manager in the culinary field and hold expertise in that area. I also offer personal financial assistance as an Accredited Financial Counselor, so if you could use help creating a spending plan or tidying up your credit, I can help with that to!”


[email protected]

802-445- 1316

What Our Clients Say

“This is a difficult time for so many businesses and

organizations like yours who create opportunities especially for small

businesses to sustain ourselves is truly helpful and important. We found your

process and the communication with your team very clear and efficient. Thank

you so much for your assistance!” – MBDP Client

“The ability of caring organizations and legislative bodies

to provide help to businesses weathering the current situation shows a strong

commitment to the health of our communities and neighbors. Thank you!” – MBDP Client

“We are most grateful and appreciative. It would have been just horrible to have to shut down a business you’ve poured your heart and soul into, especially working 100+ hours a week. It really helps keep the dream alive. Thank you! ” – MBDP Client


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