Financial Education

Credit Builder Program

The Credit Builder Program focuses on credit building, repair and strengthening.  Training is based on the knowledge that in today's world good credit is essential to acquiring housing, obtaining a job, furthering yoru education, and making large purchases such as buying a car.  BROC's Economic & Workforce Development Program has a well-established relationship with Trans Union and can obtain 'soft hit' credit reports that will not affect the client's score.


Contact 802.775.0878 for information about either program.

"When they pulled my credit report, we found there were a couple of mistakes.  It was wonderful to have someone walk through getting the errors corrected."

— Credit Builder participant

Savvy Spending Solutions

This is the newest program in development.  Unlike other financial literacy trainings, Savvy Spending Solutions focuses on a person's spending habits rather than their ability or inability to maintain a budget.  What sets us apart from other forms of financial literacy is in our recognition that everyone values money based on our cultural influences that may be contributing to, or negatively affecting, our decision making process, including how wwe choose to spend money.  Participants will learn to face and overcome spending barriers that impede their inability to be financially independent and sustainable.

Topics covered answer the following:

  • What does money mean to me?
  • What is my money culture?
  • What beliefs do I own around money?
  • How do I spend money?
  • What money choices negatively affect my financial success?
  • What are my spending goals?
  • What steps can I take to meet my spending goals?
  • What work can I do to meet my spending goals?
  • How much time do I have to make a change?
  • I will be financially successful because...and More